The paper process is still part of many processes in all areas of industry. Data collection, data evidence, implementation of audits, inspections, recording of corrective measures, suggestions for improvement, etc. However, technological advances that require the availability of data, preferably in real time, emphasize the need for digitization.

Creating various types of forms in electronic form is nothing new. However, available solutions are not always able to meet customer requirements, which are often specific - reflecting the needs arising from the nature of their work.

During our work on industrial engineering, we often encountered the need to record different types of data when collecting data. However, we have not found a suitable way to meet our needs. So we decided to prepare our own solution - iForms.

iForms is a web application created as a solution for digital data transformation. The application offers the ability to create your own electronic forms, collect data and view them. It is designed very intuitively, which guarantees use without any IT support, for example in the management of users, their roles or groups. IForms functionalities allow not only data collection but also the possible addition of various types of files (pdf, photos, videos, audio recordings, etc.), which are often needed, for example, to prove a certain condition, the description of which may not be enough.

iForms is "alive application". We strive for continuous improvement that reflects the needs of our customers. Thanks to them, information flow management, notification settings and the possibility of signing within the form are now available in the application. We want and will continue to do so, because customer satisfaction is the most important indicator for us.


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