4 JAN, 2021
AvatarMichal Gajdos

Guarantee a safe environment for everyone - iSAFETY

You may be the one who is responsible for the safety of all workers, but safety in the workplace is not achieved by thinking “we vs. they.“

Change the security culture in your organization by introducing electronic controls using iFORMS, which everyone can learn to use in minutes. Fast-frequent inspections, immediate actions, and real-time reporting ensure that your people do what they want to ensure security.

Take an active approach to reducing the number of injuries

The most common accidents at the workplace do not result from unknown risks, but from non-compliance with the procedure. Sprains and sprains, slips, trips and falls, cuts and bruises can all be prevented if the right measures are taken. Help your team stay safe with short and effective electronic audits that remind them of progress at key moments.

Identify problems before they occur

With an instant record in iFORMS and a subsequent in iBOARDS analysis, you can see common workplace deficiencies, incomplete inspections, and other issues that can help you identify weaknesses in your business that could lead to injury. Your entire team can very easily use a mobile phone to enter situation situations into the observation system, so everyone is entitled to report problems immediately.


Sample database of audits, iSAFETY forms

  • Comprehensive control record of OSHA risk assessment
  • Site safety audit
  • Workplace safety audit (production, maintenance, storage…)
  • Risk assessment checklist comprehensive view
  • Monthly EEC audits
  • Accident records
  • Audits for work at heights