4 JAN, 2021
AvatarMichal Gajdos

Paper information collection vs. Electronic information collection

There is a quantity of companies and organizations that use paper collection of information by using paper forms. Paper form is created on the computer, printed and delivered to the place intended for filling. After the designated person has filled it out, the form is delivered to the place where it is evaluated. Stated information in the form which is important is transcribed into electronic form and evaluated, possibly there are taken some measures to improve the situation. Many forms are pre-filled, printed and then used only for signature recording or value - status confirmation. Some companies are using text processing programs for creating a fillable PDF file and print a paper document at the end of the form. We cannot talk about the digital process in this way of form management!

The current state of the art provides such possibilities that it is the right time to leave paper forms and switch to electronic forms. And here are the reasons why it's advantageous.

Procedure Efficiency

Reducing the cost of electronic information collection

According to our experiences, the average cost of processing a simple paper form is 3.28€. Let's do a quick calculation. If you have five people who process five forms every day during a five-day week, they will process 125 forms for 410€ per week or 19 680€ per year. Of course, there are much more filled out and processed forms in companies. Based on our experience, it can be said that as current we can consider the form in the period 3-6 months from the time it has been filled out. Then comes the request for a small change, correction. And that’s the time you can, thanks to the introduction of our application, reduce costs up to 75%.

Electronic forms simplify information sharing

Paper forms of records or audits are a weakness of every company. Often, the form needs to be copied or scanned so that more people, groups and departments can access the information on the form. Sometimes the completed forms end up only on the auditor's desk or are incorrectly placed in the designated repository which disables early sharing. If the form’s fields that are supposed to be filled out are correctly selected, we automatically assume that they are important for the company. But firstly, they must be created in the correct format. The correct format allows easy documents sharing with the possibility of access control and security, as well as its next evaluation and further processing.

Archiving does not require hordes of boxes and shelves

Some types of forms need to be archived. Although paper archivation can be a common process in organization, navigation in them is still more difficult than navigation in online archives. It is much faster to find an archived form by entering a keyword or key information about the form that is stored on a server (data field) than to go through physical boxes full of paper forms that may or may not be submitted in the correct order.

Getting rid of paper archives can be for businesses and other organizations liberating. Space releasing for other purposes and instant files search greatly increases the organization's employees efficiency. The company can focus on activities that move it forward and don’t waste the time by searching something in piles of paper.

Make your smartphone even more SMART

Using mobile phones and tablets on various platforms for creating, filling out, visualizing results brings a new online dimension to the organization's management. Possibility of online access to data and dashboards anywhere in the world provides an assumption for more accurate and faster elimination of potential problems. Electronic forms also contribute to the collection and subsequent evaluation of correct data.

If you are still using paper forms it is the right time to switch to their electronic version with our iForms application. No programming required. With the intuitive Drag-and-Drop interface, you can create personalized online forms that exactly match your needs. iForms application allows you to share form data easily with company databases and other office software, thus eliminating the need for duplicate information or results.

Do not hesitate to invest your time in watching our short promo video. We are sure that you will be inspired to forget paper forms once and for all and start using their electronic form with the help of iForms. A solution that is simple, powerful and customizable for every company.

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