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Libor Kubinec
PLANT CBS COACH & Industrial Engineer

With the help of the iForms solution, audits at various levels within the company are processed quickly, clearly, with high quality and with the possibility of saving a photo from the workplace directly into the form. Automatic reporting - audit outputs are a great benefit.

Ján Naščák
Business unit manager

In the iForms environment, we created a test electronic device health check form (TPM). This approach makes the process clearer and more efficient. The need for rewriting has been eliminated, where the risk of errors has been eliminated at the same time. All data is immediately digitized and accessible from the database.

Dominika Vattaiova
Production manager

With the iForms solution, we focused on the area of multi-level process audits. With this approach, it is possible to eliminate the paper form, eliminate the need of rewriting and reduce the laboriousness of evaluation.

Pavol Korbel
CBS Manager

Collecting data with iForms is quick and easy. Evaluation of workplace management through a 5S audit with iForms allows you to view the data stored in the database immediately after data collection, together with photos from the evaluated workplaces.

Žofia Šimeková
Logistics Specialist

Thanks to the possibility of testing iForms, we have verified the advantages and benefits of this solution. We see the possible application of iForms in various departments of our company, from production, through logistics, quality to HSE. Thanks to iForms, it is possible to replace .xls sheets with a system with data stored in a database.

Katarína Grenerová
Logistics manager

The iForms application helped us to quickly obtain information about the current state of 5S at our workplaces. Working with iForms is simple and intuitive. We want to use this solution as part of the implementation of a functioning 5S in our company.

Peter Juhász
Logistics Continuous Improvement Manager

One of the first areas in iFORMS testing that we focused on was logistics. Experience has shown that online records of photos of handling equipment when submitting changes can greatly reduce the cost of additional repairs. The processes associated with loading trucks have also become clear to us.